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What is Prolog?

Prolog Coffee Roasting

It may be unnecessary to say, but our roastery has always been an essential part in our journey to provide an amazing coffee experience.

If we didn’t have the control of our core product we would feel limited in our daily movements towards this goal.

We have since day one tried to make an amazing product by roasting amazing green coffee.

What is ”amazing” roasted coffee to Prolog?

It’s a coffee that’s delicious but at the same time interesting and sense evoking.

Roasted Coffee beans at Prolog Coffee.

Green Coffee

Making an amazing product in the form of roasted coffee requires amazing green coffee.

We believe it’s only possible to get amazing green coffee by paying a price that makes it possible to produce such a product.

We believe it also helps to work as directly with the producers as possible as this will allow greater communication and understanding between the farmers and us.

This is our goal, and we strive to trade as directly as possible with the farmers.

When we don’t work directly with the farmers we make sure to work with sourcing companies that share the same core values as ourselves and that are able to offer full transparency of the coffee projects we work with.

To make sure we are on track with a sustainable buying plan we gather and share the prices we pay for our green coffee. You can find these prices here:

Transparency Table


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