Costa Rica

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea - Jorge Vasquez Geisha

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What is Cascara?

Cascara, often referred to as “coffee cherry tea,” is the dried outer husk of the coffee cherry, the fruit that encases the coffee bean. Cascara offers a wide range of flavours distinct from traditional coffee. The diversity in the taste allows us to experience coffee in a new way. This first cascara we will present is from our close friends at Roble Negro more specifically the producer Jorge Vazquez. We are so proud and excited to showcase Jorge’s natural Geisha as the first cascara at Prolog.

This particular cascara has a light body with fruity and complex flavours. We experience cherry, hibiscus, and a range of floral notes in the cup.

We recommend to use the following recipe as a starting point when brewing your cascara:

- 3-4g of Cascara
- 100g of water 95-100’c
- 4-6 mins brew time

The cascara can be enjoyed both warm and once cooled down. Whilst coffee cascara does contain caffeine, it has less than a typical cup of coffee, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking a milder caffeine kick.

Cascara is waiting to be explored by you and is a valuable tool to engage and learn more about the diversity of the world of coffee.

It’s not just a byproduct; it’s a flavourful bridge to a deeper understanding of the world of coffee.



country costa rica
region tarrazú
producer jorge vasquéz - roble negro
variety geisha
process natural
altitude 1800 masl
tasting notes

cherry, hibiscus, floral