Duromina Washed Organic

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This is the second year in a row that we are working with Duromina and buying their organic certified coffee. This coffee really is a joy to work with, such a classic Ethiopian profile being delicate, light and floral. We experience a peach and honey sweetness, with lemon, black tea and orange blossom florals, and a creamy mouthfeel.

Duromina washing station was established in 2010 and with the aim of increasing quality and sustainability in a region which to that point was not renowned for producing specialty coffees. They operate as a cooperative structure, with around 185 smallholder farmers contributing their cherries to the wet mill. The farmers are well-trained in production methods and have the benefit of the rich, fertile soils that the environment offers. 

Both eco pulpers and water treatment systems have been installed at Duromina in order to operate in a sustainable manner that does not deplete the natural water sources that they have access to.

The job of the eco pulpers is to remove the skin, pulp and mucilage from the coffee cherries, using a combination of friction and a small amount of water in order to do so. They are able to do this whilst using far less water than through conventional means. The water treatment systems also create a circular system where waste water from processing is naturally filtered and then pumped in lagoons where it can be naturally absorbed by the soil.


country ethiopia
region agaro
producer multiple smallholder farmers
variety 74110, 74112
process washed
altitude 2000 masl
tasting notes lemon, peach, honey