Costa Rica

Roble Negro - Washed

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Jorge grew up playing soccer with his cousins on the farms around Aserrí where their parents worked picking coffee. He graduated from college with a degree in accounting and worked for Costa Rica’s Banco Nacional for 21 years, serving as a branch manager for the last 11 years of his time there.
Jorge now owns a recycling company, Compañía de Reciclaje Ecológico, which he founded in response to the country’s pollution levels. The recycling company is an extension of his belief in taking care of the natural world around him.
Compañía de Reciclaje Ecológico has 14 employees, creates another 20 indirect jobs, and annually processes 2,000 tonnes of materials like cardboard, paper, wood, plastics, metals, and more. 

Jorge bought Finca El Cedral in 2007 from Don Fernando Monge, who had inherited it from his father Don Adan Monge. The Monge family owned the farm for 50 years, and before that the property belonged to the Rojas family, a major coffee producing entity in the area during the twentieth century.

One of Jorge’s first concerns on Finca El Cedral Alto was to protect the six water sources on the property. The waterways form the beginning of the Rio Jorco River and serve as drinking water aquifers for the nearby towns of Cedral Abajo, Vuelta de Jorco, and Acosta, as well as acting as irrigation sources for surrounding farms. The farm is dotted with stunning waterfalls thanks to these water sources—a reminder of the importance and power of freshwater to people, flora, fauna, and agriculture.


country costa rica
region central valley
producer jorge vasquéz ureña 
variety catuai
process washed
altitude 1850 masl
tasting notes orange, green apple, milk chocolate