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Prolog Tote Bag

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This is our Tote Bag made in collaboration with re.wrap. Makes you spread the good Prolog vibes while transporting your own goods.

We have selected a high-quality, natural organic cotton canvas material for our bags. The bag features our newly-designed symbols which denote the different broad categories we have chosen to distinguish between our coffee bean offerings.

The symbols are:

The Bee, which is Round and Sweet. The humble bee is such a generous and graceful insect. It goes about its day collecting nectar and pollen and produces wax and honey as a collective.  The cyclical nature of this process is what makes it so round and sweet for us.

The Flower, which is Fruity. Blackcurrant, lime, apple, melon, name any fruit - they all come from the flower. These coffees are fruity but no wonder if they have kept the floral touch.

The Cosmos, which is Funky. Think of the night sky. The cosmos, with all those systems of stars, each their own solar systems with sets of planets. We couldn’t think of anything more funky than that.

The Rainbow, which is Crazy. Truly special coffees. Crazy in a way that makes you believe that it could not coffee you were drinking at that moment. Flavours that, at least in a traditional sense, you wouldn’t associate with coffee at all. The rainbow is something so unusual and unique, shining down towards you from the heavens, just like these coffees.

If you would like, you can read more about our new symbols and our reasonings behind them on our blog:



- Tote bag with symbols, logo, and small text

- Natural organic canvas bag

- Natural nivad handle and reinforcement

- Dimensions: W39x36x12cm