Biftu Gudina

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Biftu Gudina is a new cooperative established in 2012 with about 572 smallholder Cooperative members. 
A farmer can typically have less than 1500 trees pr hectar, and 1 tree is typically producing cherries equal to less than 100 - 200 grams of green coffee.

The average farm size pr small holder is 0,5 hectares.

Biftu Gudina now have two washing stations under the Cooperative. That way they can access cherries from more farmers in their local surroundings.

They have wastewater treatment based on Vetiver grass naturally filtrating the water from the production before it goes in to the pits and finally the ground.



Pulped and mechanically demucilaged with a Penagos 2500 eco-pulper or a JM Estrada eco pulper before soaked in water over night in water and sundried on raised beds.

Cherries are hand sorted for unripes and overripes by the farmers before they go in to production. A Penagos Eco Pulper removes the skin, pulp and mucilage. With this machine they don’t need to ferment the coffee to remove the mucilage. After the mucilage is mechanically removed it is soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for about 3- 10 hours.

Skin dried and sorted under shade for about 6 hours after soaking. After skin drying it is moved out in the sun and dried about 10 days on African drying beds on shade nets or hessian cloths. Coffees are covered in plastic or shade nets during midday and at night.


country ethiopia
region agaro
producer multiple smallholder farmers
variety heirloom varietals
process washed
altitude 2000 masl
tasting notes candied lemon, peach, floral