La Colmena

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Jorge Diaz Campos is a farmer and a member of the Norcafe Cooperative in the Peruvian region of Amazonas.

Jorge is part of the micro-lot program of the cooperative, and when we got the coffee on the cupping table it was no doubt he deserves to be. His farm, La Colmena, has three hectares planted with coffee and sits above 1900 masl in Lonya Grande, mainly growing Caturra and Bourbon.

The annual production at the farm is about 4200kg, of which we have bought 690kg.

The coffee is depulped, wet fermented for 24-36 hours, then dried on pallets with a tarp that works as the patio and/or in a solar tent/parabolic dryer.

Through the cooperative program the producers also receive a significant quality premium for the coffee delivered when the quality is up to standard.

The Norcafe Cooperative has a lot of young farmer members. Even the staff of the cooperative is really young, something we see as a very positive sign for the industry.

Their vision is “to be an organisation with values, providing opportunities for social-economic-environmental development in the communities.”


country peru
region amazonas
producer jorge diaz campos
variety bourbon, caturra
process washed
altitude 1900 masl
tasting notes plum, honey cake, sugar cane