El Laurel

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Mavila Peralta is a farmer in Jaen, located in the small caserio (village) of El Laurel in northern Peru. 

Jaen is now one of the most well-known areas for specialty, and the city of Jaen itself has become the hub for coffee in the north.

The flavours of the coffees in this area simply speak to us. There are many farmers with great potential there, but most of them need some support on post-harvest processing to produce high-quality coffee.
Mavila is part of a program receiving that support.

El Laurel is located at 1810 masl. It's a medium-to-big farm by Peruvian standards. About 3 hectares are planted with Caturra, Pache, and Catuai.
It’s a family operation, but they have pickers helping them in the season.

Yield per tree is generally low.

The farm has a small beneficio where Mavila processes the coffee.

The coffee is fermented 18 - 30 hours in bags or a small tank before being washed and rinsed, and then sun-dried next to her house. Drying takes about 10-20 days


country peru
region jaen
producer mavila peralta
variety caturra, catuai, pache
process washed
altitude 1810 masl
tasting notes red apple, floral, smooth