El Obraje - Maracaturra

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Hacienda El Obraje is a truly stunning property in the mountains of the Nariño department, with coffee planted on the slopes descending to a river valley.
The nearly 100 hectare estate now cultivates coffee on only 25 of its hectares; the rest of the land has been converted into a natural forest reserve by Pablo Guerrero.

By planting more trees and implementing efficient landscape design he has been able to preserve a unique microclimate, as well as providing access to every corner of the farmland.

Pablo’s background in architecture has led him to approach coffee production with both passion and pragmatism, using planting and processing strategies designed for long term farm health.

All processing times vary according to the variables of climate at the time of harvest. Normally, cherries are fermented for 20 hours in cherry in the same bags pickers use. Cherries are selectively harvested for ripeness and also sorted by floatation. After depulping, coffee is dry fermented for another 24 hours and then fully washed, concluding with a second floatation sort.

Washed coffee typically dries for an average of 16 days on raised beds or four days in the mechanical parchment combustion dryer, where it receives a hot air flow of 30 degrees Celsius.

The Maracaturra variety is a newer addition to El Obraje. It is a cross between Maragogipe and Caturra varieties and produces a hearty harvest in the conditions at El Obraje.

Read more about Hacienda El Obraje’s history and current practices.


country colombia
region nariño
producer pablo guerrero
variety maracaturra
process washed
altitude 2200 masl
tasting notes currant, floral, complex