El Obraje Caturra

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Mr. Pablo Guerrero was the first to introduce coffee to the Tangua area outside of the city of Pasto in the year 2000. Hacienda El Obraje has been in Pablo’s family for many years and originally produced wheat and other grains. When Pablo first began planting coffee in 2000, he grew traditional, conventional coffee and did not have a mill. By 2009, he had built a facility to process his own coffee and entered into the specialty coffee market.

His experiments continued; he planted new varieties and processed Natural as well as Washed coffees. Planting coffee was initially risky because he was unsure how productive coffee would be at such a high elevation, but the coffee trees flourished and now others are following in his footsteps.

El Obraje Caturra Washed is the first of a selection of fresh crop Colombian coffees that we have in store for you. This is certainly not the first time that we have brought from El Obraje, and for very good reason! From visiting personally, we have seen with our own eyes, that is farm and wet mill is extremely well run with high attention to detail in the way that they grow and process their coffees.

The result of this is some extremely clean, sweet and juicy coffees. With this washed Caturra, in particular, we experience balanced and well-structured flavours of mango, orange, and papaya. It’s the fourth year now that we have worked together with El Obraje, buying several different lots of various varieties and processes. Our faith and confidence in this farm is really highlighted by the fact that we have chosen to work with their coffees for competition, and are always considering El Obraje when are competing in the future.

The climate and terrain of Obraje are major contributing factors to its coffee’s unique cup profile. Temperatures vary greatly in a day, from 32 degrees Celsius at noon to 8 degrees or less at night. Obraje is located near many volcanic mountains and the rocky soil is filled with minerals. 

The hundred-hectare Hacienda El Obraje is a truly stunning property in the mountains of the Nariño department, with coffee planted on the slopes descending to a river valley. El Obraje’s wet mill on the property is extremely tidy and includes tile fermentation tanks, depulping equipment, mechanical oven dryers, and raised drying beds under a solar dryer. Coffee processing begins as soon as the cherries are harvested. 



country colombia
region nariño
producer pablo guerrero
variety caturra
process washed
altitude 2200 masl
flavour notes juicy, mango, orange