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Lorena Jimenez Honey

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This coffee was processed at Jorge Vasquéz Ureña’s Roble Negro micromill in the town of Aserrí in Costa Rica’s Tarrazú region. The micromill partners with local coffee growers like Ana Lorena Jiménez Castro to produce quality, traceable lots and to help facilitate access to international markets.

Lorena Jimenez’s coffees are truly something spectacular. She consistently producing such clean, crisp and bright coffees that are are getting more complex and interesting every year. This particular coffee is a honey-processed catuai variety. This is a great crowd-pleasing and approachable coffee, sweet and syrupy, with flavours of honey and apple pie. 

Coffee producer Ana Lorena Jiménez Castro operates Finca El Zapote and Finca El Cristóbal in Tarbaca, Aserrí, in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. Lorena purchased Finca El Zapote in 2019, initially working alone and planting Red Catuai and Caturra plants. She quickly expanded production, adding Yellow Catuai and Gesha varieties with the help of her son, Christopher. After working together through the 2020 season, the two would go on to acquire Finca El Cristóbal.

As a producer, Lorena aspires to be recognized for the high quality of her specialty coffee. To achieve this, she works as sustainably as possible using no herbicides and only calcium sulfate as a natural fungicide for her plants. Currently, Lorena processes all of her coffee at the Roble Negro mill.

We have decided to roast this coffee as an omni-roast, which means it can be enjoyed equally as espresso and filter coffee.


country costa rica
region tarrazú
producer ana lorena jimenez castro - roble negro
variety catuai
process honey
altitude 1650 masl
tasting notes honey, red apple, orange blossom