Garmas by Maximiliano Garcia

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Here we have a coffee that we have all been very much looking forward to returning after a stunning debut in last season’s harvest. Garmas by Maximiliano Garcia is an absolute gem of a washed geisha from the San Ignacio region of Peru. This is actually the coffee that we choose to compete with in the previous and inaugural edition of the Nordic Best Roaster Competition in Gothenburg.

With this coffee, we were so proud to finish in 3rd place overall, especially competing against such a prestigious list of fellow Nordic roasters. This year’s harvest is just delicious, we experience a very unique coffee, that is elegant, floral and has great complexity. You can expect flavours of peach and white tea, with delightful citrus notes.

Maximiliano's farm has 4 hectares planted with coffees. Mainly red and Yellow Caturra, but he also has Parainema and Geisha varieties. The farm, Garmas is located at 1710 masl close to the village of El Huabo.

The farm has a small wet mill where he pulps and ferments the coffee. The coffee is dry fermented for about 24 hours before washed and rinsed, and then dried in a parabolic dryer by his house and on the roof of the house. He also uses shade nets for a more controlled drying process. Under normal conditions, the drying takes about 15-20 days.

We have decided to roast this coffee as omni roast, which means it can be enjoyed equally as espresso and filter.


country peru
region san ignacio
producer maximiliano garcia
variety geisha
process washed
altitude 1710 masl
tasting notes peach, citrus, white tea