Paredes Collective

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Paredes Collective from the region of Cutervo is a very easy drinking, smooth and clean coffee with a light and mild acidity. On the cupping table, we experience notes of caramel, red apple, and black tea. 

This is actually the second year we are buying from this cooperative, and our Roastery Manager Mikolaj had the pleasure to visit back in September of last year. Visiting producers is really something we prioritise to build stronger human connections and to understand how we can work together most efficiently and effectively.

The cooperative itself incentivises members with premiums for the quality of their produce and has introduced a number of social programs for the benefit of the surrounding society, including education, reforestation, and microfinancing.

We have decided to roast this coffee as omni roast, which means it can be enjoyed equally as espresso and filter.


country peru
region cutervo
producer aromas del valle
variety bourbon, caturra, pache
process washed
altitude 2000-2100 masl
tasting notes caramel, red apple, black tea