Prolog Coffee Bar

Jam Project - Rhubarb Edition

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In Prolog we are always doing our best, not only when brewing your coffee at the bar, but also when handling the coffee beans from farm to table and beyond. Inspired by our daily work, we wish to transfer this attentiveness to our food selection. This concept is a way of achieving this.

Besides making your mouth happy, this project is teaching us about Danish agriculture and farming traditions, and our ambition is to bring this knowledge with us, when we
are once again able to travel and interact with our collaborators around the world.

This is the fourth year we have collaborated with the same farmer, Inger Vaaben – a former head of division from the Ministry of the Environment, who grows rhubarb and herbs with great passion and curiosity. She practices gypsy-style farming, renting land from Stengården, an organic farm in Bregnerød in Northern Zealand. Her previous professional life led her towards sustainable farming, and we were fortunate to be invited for coffee and a discussion about rhubarb in her shed on the fields of Stengården.
Inger cultivates the following varieties of organic rhubarb: Victoria, Rosenhagen, Spangsberg, Timberley Early, Elmsfeuer, Linnaeus, and various types of wine rhubarbs.

Best before: 25.5.2025
Ingredients: Rhubarb, sugar, lemon juice & vanilla