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Roble Negro coffee comes from producer Jorge Vasquéz. His coffee farm, Finca Cedral Alto, in the town of Aserrí in Costa Rica’s Central Valley is about 45 minutes outside of the capital of San Jose.  

The name Roble Negro means black oak and Cedral Alto means high cedar grove. These names indicate the importance of trees, forestation, and environmental preservation to Jorge and his coffee production. Cedral Alto is 22.5 hectares, with 12 hectares of primary forest, 6.5 hectares of reforestation and pasture land, and 3 hectares of coffee cultivation. The farm is filled with natural springs and freshwater sources, which the forested areas help protect and keep clean, and is situated at the transition between the Pacific side of the country and the Central Valley, spanning from 1750 to 2000 meters above sea level. 

This year, we are continuing our collaboration with Roble Negro and the first release is three coffees of the catuai variety from the farmer Jorge Vasquez. The difference in the coffees is all down to processing: one is Washed, one is Honey processed, one is Natural. In more simple terms, it is all down to the amount of natural fruit sugars that have been allowed to stay and ferment on the coffee bean whilst drying. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the isolated affect of processing on the coffee flavour experience.

We experience a delightful, sweetness driven cup with notes of praline, orange, and honey. Well-structured with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. A very round, balanced, and easy-drinking coffee.

When we tasted Jorge's coffees, we knew we had to have them. So much so, that we secured his entire harvest of honey processed coffee!


country costa rica
region tarrazú
producer jorge vasquéz ureña - roble negro
variety catuai
process honey
altitude 1875 masl
tasting notes praline, orange, honey