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We want to build something that can last

What actions have we taken so far?

1. We have initiated a masterplan to achieve Zero Waste in Prolog Coffee Bar. That means:

  • All our coffee grounds, used napkins, etc. are composted.
  • Dish cloths & tea towels are washed and reused.
  • We receive our milk from a local supplier, who deliver in glass bottles, which are returned and reused. The milk comes from a small farm, Søtofte Jordbrug, where the cows and their calves are treated with utmost respect.
  • All detergents come in bulk hard plastic bottles which are returned and reused.
  • We have eliminated almost all bottles as we have stopped distributing bottled water, soda, etc.
  • If some materials can’t be reused we have created recycling sorting fractions for plastic, metal, hazardous waste, cardboard and paper.

These initiatives, amongst others, have so far brought us down to less than one 1kg of waste/day in our waste bin on a counting of waste a week in May 2020. We are not fully there yet, but we are on our way to becoming fully Zero Waste (Also, this journey is actually super fun!).

2. We make sure as many as possible of the products we sell in the coffee bar come from suppliers we know personally. We value the focus our suppliers have on quality as well as on nature.

3. We record FOB* prices on the green coffees we buy. These numbers are being recorded on a transparency table of green coffee that you can find here:
Transparency Table

*FOB stands for “Free On Board” and refers to the price paid for the green coffee when the coffee is loaded on the cargo ship in the port of the origin country.

Image of Coffee Beans at Prolog Coffee.


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