June 18, 2024

Jam Project

Jam Project

The Idea

This project has a special meaning for us. Inspired by our daily work, we bring together all the passion and professionalism that we put into achieving the most incredible cup of coffee.

We hope that you not only taste the flavor of a delicious Rhubarb Jam made with the finest ingredients, but also feel the love and care that Prolog infuses into their process.

From Farm to Table and Beyond

This project focuses on understanding the origin of our resources, connecting with the land, with nature, appreciating the care and dedication of its producers, engaging in conversations, and sharing knowledge to ultimately select the fruit.

We harvest the finest produce at the optimal time of year – in this case, rhubarb from late May – and preserve it at its peak. By doing so, we aim to create a series of complete products, all crafted with a holistic approach, to achieve an exceptional result.

In other words, it must taste great, make us wiser, do good, and generate profit simultaneously.

The Rhubarb

Besides delighting your taste buds, this project educates us about Danish agriculture and farming traditions. Our ambition is to carry this knowledge with us as we once again travel and interact with our collaborators worldwide.

This is the fourth year we have collaborated with the same farmer, Inger Vaaben – a former head of division from the Ministry of the Environment, who grows rhubarb and herbs with great passion and curiosity. She practices gypsy-style farming, renting land from Stengården (www.stengaardenoko.dk), an organic farm in Bregnerød in Northern Sealand.

Her previous professional life led her towards sustainable farming, and we were fortunate to be invited for coffee and a discussion about rhubarb in her shed on the fields of Stengården.

Inger cultivates the following varieties of organic rhubarb: Victoria, Rosenhagen, Spangsberg, Timberley Early, Elmsfeuer, Linnaeus, and various types of wine rhubarbs. Check out her site here.

The Social Side

As simple as jam, that’s it. This tradition has become important; it allows us to break the routine, spend a day bonding as a team, think beyond our usual boundaries, and develop a sense of belonging and identity with what we serve.

We are very proud to present the final result of this rewarding project.


Below you will find a spreadsheet, describing the ingredients we chose to add to our single batch. All ingredients are organic and as locally sourced as possible (not the vanilla).

The ratio between Rhubarb and sugar varies according to the different acidity levels of the rhubarb varieties used. But based on our experiences years before, we decide to use 60% of sugar based on the kilos of Rhubarb we use. 

The process is divided in two parts.

Day 1 (24th. May): We clean and cut the rhubarb in one-centimetre slices and marinate them in sugar.

Day 2 (25st. May): We cook the marinated rhubarb with a little filtered water and flavor additives and add more sugar if needed.


Rhubarb (Inger)

40 kg

Rhubarb (Rosengaard)

60 kg


60 kg

Lemon juice (1L)

2 Lt


0,1 Kg


Best Before: 25-May-2025