• Coffee Category Symbols

    Coffee Category Symbols

    You may have noticed something new and different over the last few weeks, in our coffee bar, or wherever else you may see our coffee. A little more life and colour on the front of our coffee packaging. These here are the new symbols we have introduced to stand alongside our coffees. Each of the four symbols highlights the different category of flavour and the different kind of experience you can have when drinking that particular coffee.

    We would like to think that our coffee can be accessible to anyone and everyone, so we want to group different coffees into different broad sections, allowing our guests to more easily choose the certain flavour profile they would like to enjoy. Not everyone loves every individual kind of coffee, and so we want to point our guests as easily as possible in the direction where they are going to get the absolute best personal experience. The symbols themselves are a fun and lighthearted way to highlight the existence of the different categories that we have chosen and make it clear and easy to see that a certain coffee belongs to a certain type of flavour profile.

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  • Sustainability Report 2021

    Sustainability Report 2021

    Sustainability Report for 2021

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    By Jonas Gehl

    CEO Prolog Coffee

     Was the operation of Prolog Coffee in 2021 sustainable?

    As much as we would like to conclude this with an unambiguous “Yes!”, of obvious reasons we can’t make such a judgement of ourselves, as a first-person observer most often has difficulties looking beyond their own bias. Nor would it seem trustworthy.

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