To celebrate our love for coffee, we celebrate you.

For us, coffee is a passion, a playground, and most of all an experience to share with others. We seek to add to the quality of life by providing carefully curated specialty coffee that is both delicious and sense-evoking.

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  • Calum's Aeropress Competition Journey

    Calum's Aeropress Competition Journey
    By Calum Taylor
    Prolog Wholesale + Webshop
    The aeropress is a fun piece of coffee gear to use. Its simple design consists of three plastic parts, a cap, a cylindrical chamber, and a plunger. The basic premise of the aeropress is that you place a single small, round paper filter inside the cap, screw the cap onto the chamber, add coffee and water, wait a short time for brewing, and finally press the resulting liquid through the chamber and past the filter with the plunger.  
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