Prolog Coffee Brew Guide

The Fast Track. This information is a good starting point but the perfect pour comes through a lot of trial and tasting. Keep experimenting and having fun while brewing!

Water recommendation
Low Bicarbonate

Dose: 18.5g
Yield: 40-45g
Time: 12-23 seconds (In the bar our shots are often as fast as 12-14 seconds. As the extraction heavily is affected by the equipment, water technique, etc. for some locations a slower shot will be more optimal.)
Tamp: Very light, no force is needed.
Water temp: 93 degrees celsius.

Dose: 15g
Yield: 250g
Time: app. 2:30 minutes total. Adjust grind setting to reach this target. The optimal time depends a little on the coffee used. Experiment for optimal taste!
Water temp: 100 degrees celsius.

0:00-0:10: "Bloom" Pour 50g of water within 10 seconds + agitate with a stick spoon also within these first 10 seconds.
0:40-1:40: Pour slowly the rest of the water.
1:40: Swirl the cone of coffee and give it a light tap on the vessel to make an even coffee bed.

Obs. Rinse filter with water before pouring.

Batch Brew
Dose: 59g
Yield: 1000g
Time: app. 4:00min
Water temp: 95 degrees celsius.

Obs. Rinse filter with water before pouring.

French Press
Dose: 65g
Water: 1000g
Steeping time: 5:00min
Water temp: 100 degrees celsius.

- Choose a fairly coarse grind setting.
- Add water on the coffee. Don't put the top on.
- Steep until 5:00min
- Break the crust with a table spoon.
- Remove foam from the surface with a table spoon.
- Put the top on and press slowly down.