October 19, 2023

The Prolog Jxm Prxjxct V

The Prolog Jxm Prxjxct V

Date and place / batch 1+2:
22nd & 23rd of September 2023
Villa Sonja
Allinge, Bornholm

Date and place / batch 3+4:
12th & 13th of October 2023

The Story

In your hand, you hold a jar of Prolog Jam Project that we first and foremost hope you will enjoy. 

In Prolog we are always doing our best, not only when brewing your coffee at the bar, but also when handling the coffee beans from farm to table and beyond. Inspired by our daily work, we wish to transfer this attentiveness to our food selection. This concept is a way of achieving this.

The idea

We source the best possible produce at the best possible time of year – in this case Bornholm pears, figs and sea buckthorn in the period of middle September – and preserve them at their peak.

The project is a way of combining research, network, education, sharing of knowledge, and production. By doing so, we aim to create a series of complete products, all made with a holistic approach. 

In other words - it must taste great, make us wiser, do good and create a profit all at the same time.

Besides making your mouth happy, this project is teaching us about Danish agriculture and farming traditions, and our ambition is to bring this knowledge with us, when we are once again able to travel and interact with our collaborators around the world.

Lastly our Jam Project is also about collaboration and this time we were lucky to be invited to the Island of Bornholm producing the jam at Villa Sonja in Allinge. Villa Sonja is the lovechild of Jimmy Olesen og Birgit Lyngbye. The couple took over a rundown small guesthouse in XX and after a thorough refurbishment, they reopened in XX. The couple is quality driven and passionate about all the good things in life including art, interior design, food and wine and nature. 

Check out their website for more information: