La Higuera Organic

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Our first Peruvian release of this year, La Higuera is an organic coffee which is very traditional and approachable in its flavour profile. We have really increased our purchase of Peruvian coffees in the last three years now because we have noticed the quality of coffees really improving year on year. 

La Higuera is a great example of this, a clean, round and sweet profile with a delicate, elegant acidity. In the cup, we experience favours of brown sugar, plum, and black tea.

This coffee is named after the small village which it is produced in, and the small number of producers in the village that contribute their coffee cherries to be processed together.

We have decided to roast this coffee as omni roast, which means it can be enjoyed equally as espresso and filter.


country peru
region colasay
producer multiple smallholder farmers
variety bourbon and caturra
process washed
altitude 1800-2000 masl
tasting notes brown sugar, plum, black tea