Prolog Coffee

  - "To celebrate our love for coffee, we celebrate you."


What is the goal?

“To add to the quality of life by giving people better coffee experiences.”


“By exploring what is embodied in an amazing coffee experience.”


"Because we want to add to the quality of life."

In terms of taste, what is "a great coffee experience" to Prolog?

"It's a coffee that's at the same time delicious and sense-evoking."

About Prolog

Our goal has always been quite simple: To give our guests and wholesale customers a better coffee experience.

We love to put in effort to make a great product. We love to serve something of great quality to the people who visit us in our coffee bar and to the coffee bars, restaurants, bakeries, etc. who use our coffee beans.  

Since we opened our doors in 2016 every day in Prolog has been a part of the journey to get closer to this goal.

That’s why we have our name, Prolog.

It’s always a beginning.

Prolog Coffee Roasting

Needless to say, our roastery is an essential part on our journey to provide an amazing coffee experience.

A wide understanding and repeatedly conscious work of roasting and tasting of our core product, coffee, constitutes an essential part of making a special coffee experience.

In terms of taste, what is a well roasted coffee to Prolog?

"It’s a coffee that’s at the same time delicious and sense-evoking." 

Green Coffee

Making a better product in the form of roasted coffee requires better green coffee.

We believe it’s only possible to produce better green coffee by paying a price that supports the production of such a product - hence supporting the growth of a sustainable nature. We regard it self-evident that a sustainable nature is intrinsically connected to the production of amazing green coffee.

We believe it’s important to have a direct communication with the coffee farmers who produce the coffee we buy as this allows for greater understanding between the producers and us. This understanding essentially manifests in the final taste of the coffee.

When we can’t work directly with the farmers we work with sourcing companies which share the same core values as ourselves, and can convey fully transparent information on the respective coffee farm collaboration.

To guarantee we keep on track with a sustainable coffee buying we gather and share the prices we pay for our green coffee. You can find our transparency tables online at: