Aponte Caturra Honey

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The Inga community of Aponte is comprised of descendants of the ancient, pre-hispanic Incas. The Caturra variety has been planted in the Inga territory, on smallholder properties in the Resguardo Inga Aponte, at an average of 2150 meters above sea level.

This elevation, combined with the Galeras Volcano constantly shedding nutrient-rich ash, makes for an exceptionally complex and sweet coffee.

Producers process coffee on their own properties, drying Honey coffee in stacked raised bed solar dryers on their farms. This process reduces water used for washing coffee and complements the natural complexity of coffees from this special region. 

It’s now the third year in a row that we’ve worked with this producer, and our Head of Coffee, Blazej, had the pleasure and opportunity to visit for the first time in February to further strengthen this long-term partnership.

Aponte is a round and sweet coffee with a classic Colombian profile. A really smooth drinking cup, well-structured and with great sweetness. Think apple pie and creamy caramel.

We have decided to roast this coffee omni, which means it can be enjoyed equally as espresso or filter brews.


country colombia
region nariño
producer aponte community
variety caturra
process honey
altitude 2150 masl
tasting notes caramel, stone fruit, red apple