El Obraje Yellow Bourbon

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El Obraje Yellow Bourbon is a washed-process limited released microlot. When our Head of Coffee, Blazej, visited this farm last year, he was really struck by the shear attention to detail in standards of cleanliness and organisation at the processing centre.

What makes this coffee so special in particular though is the varietal. The yellow bourbon variety, in addition to the meticulous work in farming and processing, producing an extremely clean and elegant flavour profile. This is a delicious fruity and juicy cup of coffee, and we experience notes of mango and orange. This is truly one of our personal favourite lots each year, and really shows how great Colombian coffee can be.

We’re such big fans of El Obraje in general, one of the most well-run and prestigious farms in Colombia, this is our fourth year of working together with them, buying many unique and exciting lots every year. It’s not only us who thinks this either! In 2021, El Obraje took home both of the top two places in the the Colombian Cup of Excellence competition, the awards given for the best coffees of the year.

The climate and terrain of Obraje are major contributing factors to its coffee’s unique cup profile. Temperatures vary greatly in a day, from 32 degrees Celsius at noon to 8 degrees or less at night. Obraje is located near many volcanic mountains and the rocky soil is filled with minerals. 

The hundred-hectare Hacienda El Obraje is a truly stunning property in the mountains of the Nariño department, with coffee planted on the slopes descending to a river valley. El Obraje’s wet mill on the property is extremely tidy and includes tile fermentation tanks, depulping equipment, mechanical oven dryers, and raised drying beds under a solar dryer. Coffee processing begins as soon as the cherries are harvested. 

We have decided to roast this coffee omni, which means it can be enjoyed equally as a filter or espresso brew.



country colombia
region nariño
producer pablo guerrero
variety yellow bourbon
process washed
altitude 2200 masl
flavour notes juicy, mango, orange