El Paraiso Natural

141,00 kr
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This is our fourth year buying from the farm of El Paraiso and Blazej was lucky enough to take a trip there and visit Jose last Feburary. On the farm, the family and team hand pick the ripe cherries and process the coffee on their own micro wet mill on the farm. Jose enjoys experimenting on his farm in order to understand agronomic production and to appeal to clients so he has started to play with the geisha varietal which is planted amongst all his other varietals.

We enjoy this coffee so much for its incredible aroma and sweetness.

The farm itself has its own custom-built solar array for the drying of coffee beans after they are processed. The way it is structured is that three tiers of raised drying beds are stacked one on top of another under a plastic roof, allowing light to enter but protecting the beans from the most damaging of rays that could destabilise the drying process. The dryer is also oriented precisely so that crosswinds can pass through the array, allowing for temperature control in the area that the coffee beans are being dried. 


country colombia
region nariño
producer jose ignacio gomez lopez
variety caturra
1900 masl 
flavour notes candy like, raspberry, vanilla