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Jorge Vasquez Geisha Natural

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This delightful washed geisha lot comes comes from our friend and long-time collaborator Jorge Vasquéz and his team at the Roble Negro wet mill. His coffee farm, Finca Cedral Alto, in the town of Aserrí in Costa Rica’s Tarrazú region is about 45 minutes outside of the capital of San Jose.  

This is our fourth year buying coffees from Roble Negro and last year we got the first opportunity to visit ourselves and see all the hard work that goes on first-hand. This has allowed us to further strengthen the bonds between our two teams, and continue the dialogue on how we can work together to bring the best possible coffee experiences back to you in Copenhagen.

On our visit to the farm, our head of sourcing Blazej had the opportunity to taste the coffee cherries directly from Jorge’s geisha plants and the flavour was spectacular. A mouthwatering, complex and tropical profile. It was all the more surprising for Blazej to hear that Jorge had not yet experimented with a naturally-processed harvest of his geisha coffee. Under that natural processing, the coffee bean stays encased wholly within the cherry during the fermenting and drying processing, really allowing the complexity of the cherry to seep into the bean and be expressed in the final cup of coffee.

Luckily, we managed to convince Jorge that producing a natural process of his geisha coffee was a good idea, and first the first time, we have the opportunity now to taste the results in Copenhagen. We are very lucky that this limited lot has been produced exclusively for Prolog.

Just like when Blazej had the chance to taste the cherries, the final cup of coffee is bursting with flavour. You can expect an intense, full-bodied and complex flavour profile, with notes of raspberry and red wine. We so excited to share this limited and exclusive coffee with you, I really hope you have the opportunity to taste.

The name Roble Negro means black oak and Cedral Alto means high cedar grove. These names indicate the importance of trees, forestation, and environmental preservation to Jorge and his coffee production. Cedral Alto is 22.5 hectares, with 12 hectares of primary forest, 6.5 hectares of reforestation and pasture land, and 3 hectares of coffee cultivation. Biodiversity and healthy environmental life is the main catalyst for growing healthy and prosperous coffee, so this focus from Jorge and his team is so great to see.

The farm is filled with natural springs and freshwater sources, which the forested areas help protect and keep clean, and is situated at the transition between the Pacific side of the country and the Central Valley, spanning from 1750 to 2000 meters above sea level.

We decided to roast this coffee omni, which means it can be enjoyed equally as both filter and espresso coffee.


country costa rica
region tarrazú
producer jorge vasquéz - roble negro
variety geisha
process natural
altitude 1800 masl
tasting notes

mouthwatering, raspberry, wine