• Sustainability Report 2021

    Sustainability Report 2021

    Sustainability Report for 2021

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    By Jonas Gehl

    CEO Prolog Coffee

     Was the operation of Prolog Coffee in 2021 sustainable?

    As much as we would like to conclude this with an unambiguous “Yes!”, of obvious reasons we can’t make such a judgement of ourselves, as a first-person observer most often has difficulties looking beyond their own bias. Nor would it seem trustworthy.

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  • Transparency Report 2021: Why is transparency important?

    By Calum Taylor
    Webshop Manager and Wholesale

    Here in Copenhagen, we at Prolog love to deliver amazing coffee experiences for our guests. We want to communicate through these experiences how diverse and fascinating the world of coffee can be and provide an environment for people to relax and be present in the moment with delicious coffees.

    None of this can be possible without first working with farmers to source the highest quality of coffees. The question then becomes, how can we do that, both as a roastery and an industry, in a way that is sustainable in the long term for everyone involved in the world of coffee production? How can we support coffee farmers in a way that allows them to produce at their highest level, not just for one harvest, but consistently over time?

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