• Calum's Aeropress Competition Journey

    Calum's Aeropress Competition Journey
    By Calum Taylor
    Prolog Wholesale + Webshop
    The aeropress is a fun piece of coffee gear to use. Its simple design consists of three plastic parts, a cap, a cylindrical chamber, and a plunger. The basic premise of the aeropress is that you place a single small, round paper filter inside the cap, screw the cap onto the chamber, add coffee and water, wait a short time for brewing, and finally press the resulting liquid through the chamber and past the filter with the plunger.  
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  • B stands for Benefit for all

    B stands for Benefit for all
    Why do we share this? Because as much as this has helped the impact of Prolog’s external stakeholders, this process has also helped Prolog as a company to become better aligned with our vision, enhanced our operation, and prepared us for the future.
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